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Brad Lamm, CIP

Brad brings his knowledge and passion to helping families as an author, teacher, interventionist and expert on the impact of complex trauma on life. Brad is best known for helping people make life-enhancing change on through his work with Oprah Winfrey, the TODAY Show, and the Dr. OZ Show.

Brad’s mission is to help families have “more good – less bad” in their lives. Oprah referred to Brad as “America’s Interventionist” and it stuck. He created and produced the eight part eating disorder docuseries Addicted to Food for with her in 2013. He is known for the evidence-based invitational intervention model he has popularized since 2005. His clinical trainings across the globe have equipped counselors, therapists, treatment staff and others with the powerful and 21st century approach to intervention.

Brad began his own recovery journey in 2003 from drugs, bulimia, nicotine and alcohol. What seemed an impossible challenge proved how even the most challenging cases might not just recover, but thrive from a starting point of hopelessness and brokenness.

He has managed more than one-thousand interventions, fellowshipped at hundreds of treatment facilities across the country, presented before Parliament in the UK, co-authored legislation that has passed to increase ethical care, and served on the board of the Association of Intervention Specialists. Brad has endeavored to collaborate with the most knowledgeable and effective specialists in the field of the helping arts.

In 2012, Brad realized a dream come true as he opened the first Breathe Life Healing Center to provide sub-acute trauma treatment at the residential level for those suffering from complex trauma, substance use, and eating disorders.

“With impactful clinical care and focus on family healing we’ve created in Breathe the first-of-its kind program in the nation helping entire families recover.”

Books by Brad Lamm:

Mackenzie Phillips

Mackenzie Phillips is an accomplished and valued public advocate and educator for addiction recovery, healing the family system, and healing from trauma. Mack has taken her education at Sober College in CADAC Program for Addiction Studies and applied it to countless improvements in program enhancement, case management, and family/referent support during treatment.

Mackenzie has continued to stretch her role and knowledge to include clinical charting and utilization review improvements in order to ensure best practices for Breathe and optimize clients’ ability to access care. Her diligence and understanding of what it takes to support the total client recovery experience is beyond reproach. She has been a part of the Breathe team for over 4 years.

Books by Mackenzie Phillips:

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